Journey of a butterfly girl becoming and actress.

Produced by: Nancy Paton

Directed by: Nancy Paton and Sharaz Ali

Length: 25:07

Sypnosis: Maisy is a nine-year-old girl with the rare skin condition Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa that will ultimately take her life. Despite having an active blog and singing to an audience of over 300 at charity shows, she has never been allowed to play the lead role in any of her school plays because of her incurable terminal condition and each year she dreams that this might be the year that they pick her but they never do. Nancy Paton came across this talented girl whilst working at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and she inspired her write and then film the award winning short film Daisy which allowed Maisy to finally become the actress she has always dreamt of being.

You can now watch Maisy and the Making of Daisy on indievue

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